Undergraduate Students

Colleen Roosa is a senior studying Biomedical Engineering at NC State University. Her research interests include biomaterials for tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, and drug delivery with a heavy emphasis on clinical translation. She has worked on projects focused on on the development of synthetic, microgel-based Platelet-like Particles (PLPs) for augmentation of hemostasis and wound healing in vivo. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to pursue a PhD in BME.

NC State Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) Undergraduate Research Grant (Fall 2018 – Spring 2019)
Tier III Abrams Scholars Research Fellowship (Sep. 2017 – May 2018)
NC State BME Undergraduate Researcher of the Month (Nov. 2017)
Tier I Abrams Scholars Research Fellowship (Sep. 2016 – May 2017)

Sproul, E.P., Nandi, S., Roosa, C.A., Schreck, L., and Brown, A.C., Biomimetic Microgels with Controllable Deformability Improve Healing Outcomes. Advanced Biosystems, 14 Aug. 2018, doi:10.1002/adbi.201800042.

BMES Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, Oct. 2018, Poster.
Abrams Scholars Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC, May 2018, Oral
National Conference on Undergraduate Research, Edmond, OK, April 2018, Poster.,
BMES Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, Oct. 2017, Oral.
Abrams Scholars Research Symposium, Raleigh, NC, May 2017, Oral


I am currently a sophomore in Biomedical Engineering at NCSU.  I am part of the new curriculum and would like to focus my studies on image analysis and biosensors.  I plan to go to graduate school after I graduate to get an M.S. in Electrical Engineering.


Francis Kim is a fourth year student majoring in biochemistry.  After completing his undergraduate career, he intends on attending pharmacy school.

NCSU Undergraduate Research Grant Recipient 2017-2018
2018 NCSU CMI SIRI Intern


Nick is currently a junior in Biomedical Engineering with hopes of pursing an MD PhD with a focus in neurological based research. Outside of school and research, Nick enjoys cooking, playing basketball, and hiking.

Abrams Scholar 2017-2018
UCSD Biomaterials REU Summer 2018

Roni is a junior in Biomedical Engineering at NC State University with a concentration in biomaterials. After graduation, she plans to attend medical school and continue research within the field of regenerative medicine. Outside of lab, Roni enjoys watching movies, traveling, and volunteering at Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Tier II Abrams Scholars Research Fellowship (Oct. 2018 – May 2019)
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship – UT Southwestern Medical Center (Summer 2018)

Devjot Singh is a senior studying Textiles Technology conc. Biomedical Textiles and minoring in Tissue Engineering, Biotechnology and French. His research areas include biomaterials, nanomedicine, implantable medical devices and orthopedic and cardiovascular device design. He is currently working on synthesis of platelet-like particles (PLPs) and studying cell migration using neonatal dermal fiberblasts for a wound healing model in-vitro.

After finishing his undergraduate degree, Dev aspires to work in the medical device industry.